Obama’s News

Just  a warning: this post is not necessarily directly related to feminism, but is something that I think all Americans should be aware of.

One of the reasons that I love President Obama is that he makes an effort to ensure that the American people know what is going on in Washington, DC. My formative years were spent under a regime which endeavored to keep as much information as possible away from the American public, and I find it a refreshing change to actually know what is going on in the government. I greatly appreciate the fact that my president is willing to publish his opinion in the newspaper and make his words and thought process clear to the citizens he governs. That being said, it is also a brilliant piece of rhetoric and serves not only to express his views but to consolidate the support of the American people for him. Which I also admire greatly. It takes great skill to gain the love of the people in a nation as large as ours, but Obama has done it.

If you want to read Obama’s op-ed in the Washington Post concerning the stimulus package, you can find it here.


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