Gay Lovin’

Seriously. Prepare to be mentally owned. For anyone and everyone that opposes gay love, marriage, sodomy, or anything “controversial” having to do with free love I challenge you to logically prove that homosexuals have a hidden agenda, are “evil,” or want to do anything other than protect themselves and others while promoting love. For fucks sake when I saw this website my palm hit my head so hard it was red for hours :

These people honestly believe that homosexual rights activists are plotting together and threatening natural/”god” given family values. Logically justify your hatred of the private love of others – I guarantee that no one will ever be able to. The private, non-harmful activities of others should never be regulated by the government nor should they be jeopardized by someone else’s values. How can you (yes you, Peter LaBarbera) justify bashing hate crime laws – laws that have helped this country evolve ? I challenge you to justify the hatred of love.


One response to “Gay Lovin’

  1. The justification: God said so. You are committing the mistake of attempting to use logic against true believers, for whom faith always trumps logic.

    The fundamentalist reaction to homosexuality and especially gay equality is rather telling. It’s a subset of the general idea that your act of choosing/living/being different is an attack on or insult to my choice/life/mode of being. This is an attitude you really only find among people or social groups who feel insecure about themselves and about their position in society. If they truly believed in the power of the Word of God (and that the Word of God was anti-gay), they wouldn’t be releasing these breathless, apocalyptic press releases.

    Pam Spaulding ( often posts copies of “The Gay Agenda” taken from some right-wing propaganda piece. Her commenters’ responses are always well worth reading.

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