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I was recently looking at the front page of this blog, and my eyes fell on the “MORE FEMINISM!” section. Of the resources listed, I read Feministing and Womanist Musings regularly, but I’m not as familiar with the others. I’m not sure who put together that list of links (Kearstyn, I’m guessing?), but seeing that list made me think about my own list of my favorite feminist stuff: 

I’m curious as to what other people’s favorite feminist media is? Also, my list is very skewed towards online media, with just two books-which magazines/newspapers/books/etc. am I missing out on?

Also, I noticed that the authors of some of the media above might not even consider their work feminist. For example, I don’t think that Reviving Ophelia ever mentions feminism. Similarly, I don’t think that Racialicious and Jezebel have promoting/discussing feminism as their main goal. Do other people find insights into feminism in unexpected places?


2 responses to “Feminist Media

  1. Hey, thanks for putting this list up – sorry I didn’t notice it earlier. I’ll add all the links to the MORE FEMINISM! section.

    Also, I think you’re actually pretty well-rounded when it comes to feminist media. Yes, what you’re reading is mostly online, but it comes from a variety of different sources and presents differing perspectives. I know the only feminist blog I read regularly is feministing; something I should probably remedy soon. If you’re looking for more sources of feminism outside the web, I would recommend Bitch and Bust. They’re feminist magazines and are pretty cool. One is sort of like Jezebel where it presents more pop culture centered articles – basically it’s a women’s magazine for feminists. The other is more serious discussion based with a lot of articles. To be honest I can’t remember which is which off the top of my head – one of my housemates gets both and they’re pretty fun/interesting to read. If you’re looking for something online, funny, and feminist to watch, try the Midwest Teen Sex Show, which I’ll also put up in the MORE FEMINISM! section.

  2. Have you read Bitch Magazine. Its great! http://bitchmagazine.org/

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